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Architectural Design & Consulting
Home Design

There is simply "no place like home."  It fosters a familiar setting where life, family, and friends happen together.  In fact, it has been said that a home is the single most important financial investment you will ever make.  

The truth is, a home is more than wall and a roof, it's more than the number of bedroom, or how big the garage is, it's more, because, a home is as unique and beautiful  as the family living in it.  We take enormous pride in offering home design services, custom tailored specifically for the unique needs of each of our clients.

Commercial Design

There just is no more "business as usual." Today's marketplace is riddled with complexities, fueled by evolving expectations, continual technological advancements, and an increasingly diverse workforce.  These realities have continued to highlight potential and enable innovation, particularly in Building Design.

Are you ready to explore a new building or even repurpose an older one?  It's  a great time to invest and own commercial real estate.

Architectural Consulting

Need a simple answer for a perplexing problem?  The trick is digging in and vetting out your options AND that is where we shine.  Design79 was founded on the single idea that we are at our best, when we are helping others realize and/or harness their best.  Maybe you have an idea for a building renovation?  Perhaps you have spotted a nice piece of land and are wondering what it would take to develop it.  Maybe you need to rethink your existing space to explore feasible options for growth.  

We can help with this, and more.